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Conversation B

by Has-Lo

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I make pussycat rap acts boogie and dash Like I’m dog the bookie, I bully a track Look behind Has-Lo’s eyes, a hive mind I fight inside for inner peace with each side Ironic. I’ll bit your head off Hand you your necklace back. Put some ice on it Life’s boring, I sleep mine away Dream lucidly, try and see how deep I can fade It’s bugged. Take a stroll in my subconscious Where foul thoughts crumble the walls that block it Mentally I’m crooked and cracked White man say it’s ‘hood in me, could it be that? I reflect and repel, I’m out of your reach Too r-a-w for retail I’m deep like hellraiser’s box, heavenly release I’m imperfect. The wings made me complete In my past life I rolled with a thief Young knight, priest and a cleric Still roll with me in spirit I died in the field Now I reincarnate and battle the beat
Verse 1: Stee official, connect wisdom to build jewels The measure of man defined in what he lived through The usual theme, you dead in the sea Stuck juggling work you hate but you do it for cream I know your lifestyle, guzzle a pint in cola Get drunk, twist up cigars and roll blunts The father let his seed know he smoked buds They wonder where you be in your work, you never show up Beyond the warm face really hating my life My grandmother says “you need to put your faith into Christ” And yet, waning in faith, I hate her advice An atheist right? To pray in the sky, a face in disguise Well beyond saying I’m blessed to say I’m alive Awaiting a sign from god, meanwhile failing to rise And what’s the point really? I spend the week Plotting a scheme to get filthy, or let the stress kill me If I’m cutting you off the love that I had was built cheap You holding a grudge? Feel free I’m holding mines even in the realm of death Or you read it in your XXL mag in depth Or on the internet in the web Cross me and we’ll be enemies til we in the next For of energy. ‘cause if we enter beef that was how it’s meant to be. Word. Verse 2: Fear and bias. Besides the beat hearing silence You’d rather I’m revered and pious. Inside I mirror violence What’s real to keep me writing? I’m sick of rhyming Like a fever sinus. Choke as if I’m breathing heat and fire Inhaling the smoke’ll seizure my lungs The brain suffocates, struggling to stay away I’m feeling tired Only I got an obligation to reveal the science We deadly as the combination of a beer and driving Or you could knowledge on my gem and you can be enlightened Only it’s up to you, we like wolves in our habitat Hunger had us hunting the truth We living like an animal in fear running from you I can’t do it. How could we evolve from being gorillas into humans? Believe a theory of evolution from Darwin? As if god was trying a kind of procedure, and the lab was the garden Either way you stay alive or you die trying In areas you might’ve failed where as I triumph Maybe you knew the ledge and without seeing I jump Or you could die up in the mix for pie crumbs It’s all a gamble and to win you a stake You jump in the pit and swim with the sharks and venomous snakes The pressure is harsh and maybe I was destined to break Stay official when your brothers are fake
Verse 1: So much weight in the hands of fate, In the hands of time, as it passes by And I have less to say, and I’m past my prime And you listen when I spit, but you can’t relate ‘cause I’m a relic. Better I should leave you with this And you see me as I am, than a reason to quit This is me. The kid with the sick granny Who dreamed I could sit pretty, and I could lift grammys And I was better off rich and now I’m older with issues the money can’t fix how naïve that I could be I exist in the guise of a life complete I compete to win though I lose myself In a penthouse room, with a view from hell Wow, take a look… Say the hook. Hook: When your money ain’t right it seems like everything’s wrong ‘cause everything is When your love ain’t life it feels like everything’s gone ‘cause everything is And you search for it, and you hurt for it And you promise each other you’ll work on it And you might have to let it go free ‘cause it never was yours But that’s everything. Verse 2: So…when I’m old and gray And the flesh on the bone wouldn’t hold And corrodes away…from the root This is but a truth, this is nothing new This is me running from the moon I spend Every night wide awake. Fighting sleep like it was the cousin of death Nothing left in the pen Stressed ‘cause the raps don’t fit, and the flows don’t work, and the words come less, and verse won’t stretch like it used to and I spit much more than I’m moved to it’s like, being cuffed to a foul friend now and then you remember how it was but how it is now is a far cry from it better off dumping it but you hang with it out of love kinda bugged…kinda nuts. Hook: When your money ain’t right it seems like everything’s wrong ‘cause everything is When your love ain’t life it feels like everything’s gone ‘cause everything is And you search for it, and you hurt for it And you promise each other you’ll work on it And you might have to let it go free ‘cause it never was yours But that’s everything.
Verse 1: The feelin of deep risin We devisin a scheme to keep shinin Within the warzone the flash from the heat firin, Is bright as a police high beam Only alluring as aromas of kind-bud in tight leaves Sick of street corner ciphers and freestylin They ain’t your mans even though it seemed like him Ignorin the fact, that getting high leaves your mind weak Tryin to drink away the pain of dealin with shiest peeps In retro, resemblin a play that I’m in, Has hyphen, The lead character. I designed him Tirin of fake friendship, money is bindin Emcees gettin jerked in contracts in fine print It’s wicked. Whether the dusk or tide shifted The elements’ll always k.i.m to move with it, Or get lost within the blizzard It’s from a jam in the park, to coliseums at a half-yard a ticket Descriptive…of how hip hop evolved, we all Bound by honor is all. Without partners I still blow. transmittin a subliminal vision Within the rhythm of your calypso soundtrack Or its based around that. My team is more than a lounge act, I found that The moment you begin to stop bein callous and show love Then you only get a small ounce back And so to profit, manipulatin your mind is logic What you feel is really a dance is symbolic To how we all really feel inside about it It’s not a pop quiz seein what cops did in watts then… Compared to now, I don’t see a difference Police still beat the niggas and harass all the women Whatever. I’m not the first feelin that It’s what we all couldn’t put in a rap or never said it I rep’ this… Energy kinetic Verse 2: Kinetic. Inhaling a breath quick I stalk in the concrete and metal edges, a murder method The jungle is oppressive I grew beyond lovin the slums are wretched, a king’s essence I move lightyears ahead of a caveman’s intelligence Next level of, plottin a course ahead of us Spectre of a once and forever king Rumblin basslines are harder than the armor in the brinks Seein tracks peak on the meter-bridge, that’s me Not in the old crew you seen him with, that’s me Mental as deep as the black sea The gods sayin “that’s peace” buildin on the way today’s math reads As molecules diffuse into the mic, innocent and unaware, livin your life It’s thick like a novel of Tolstoy A black kid impregnates the system hustlin coke, cracks and boy A trap, it’s kinetic We still dead men. They just focused on the Middle East terrorism But Has-Lo bombs like Hasan Izz-Al-Din And tell you take it easy like the song that Traum sings And with the music bein a source or forum of sorts Where all of us speak out and we record them Talk of our opinion or views put on a disc and you bought them Some got enhanced portions And it reflects whether unsure of or in support of Still, look alive, an epidemic’s upon us, You know? …Look alive and epidemic’s upon Kinetic Kinetic
From the moment of my conception The foot of my fate using the effort of every muscle he could in his frame To put on his weight, to push on the gas peddle Propellin me here, to be the cat you might’ve slept on Who deads your career Is destiny. All I had to do was stay alive Biding my time waitin for a sign to arrive It came in the form of L.L.’s tape The one that had the same title as the picture on the front of the case 9 years young in ’88, Rob Base Easy E, Cube, Ren & Dre, G and Kane Hammer on the first lp, EPMD Nike, Reebok, Fila Scrape a little tar off the curb, hold the needle on your spinning top Dubbin the cassettes on my double deck boom box Funny 3-quarter length tube socks Run to the Koreans on the ave for a stop watch Until the next thing; black, red & green Black power, and Islam and talks by Farrakhan Pete Rock and the Mecca Don Groomed in the game by an array of all of the ultimate in rap ever In any era to do it. ’92: Redman, ’93: Black Moon I’m into high school, mad puerto ricans In came the Wu-Tang, everything changed The world of hip hop watched Rza make 7 straight classics Nas shredded my dome with Illmatic I spent ’95 married to the Mobb When a mixtape used to be a Maxell U-R S&S, Tony Touch, Clue and Doo Wop Me and mike used to swap lps in class He let me hold both Jeru and Gang Starr We’d bang a joint like 3 days and trade off When the real heads owned and shaped the heart and the soul of the art That we authored and sold Until them devils strong armed the control And now it’s all corporate, but I ain’t in the pulpit I just remember Tribe. I just remember walkin to the store in the summertime To cop Stakes Is High I just remember Com’ Sense, Bootcamp Clik Black scully hats and my first pair of timbs I saw rappers locked up, saw them get free I saw rappers lose their careers over beef I saw rappers on coke, crack, weed and d I saw them in their prime die younger than me I saw Biggie die on the eve of Life After Death To see him alive in the video is eerie inside Murdered by his own people. I guess ‘Pac wasn’t enough I thought that all we got is us The world of hip hop had hardly even gotten up Then Big L took a frickin bullet in the brain a couple of weeks past When my born day came, and Freaky Ty from the Lost Boyz got slain And Big Pun’s health caught up and his heart failed him We sat angered ‘cause we ain’t have the power to save him But all things come to an end. Spring, summer to fall Winter to spring and summer again Now I’m hearin hip hop is dust in the wind 6 feet deep covered in dirt and dead under my timbs Like it was one of our peeps, so we keep the essence alive ‘cause that’s the way that some of us live I feel the hunger in my stomach and ribs I’d rather starve for my craft, than slob for the math And it’s a couple cats holdin it down but in the mainstream current overflow and they drown


Coming to stores November 15, 2011
Available on Vinyl, CD, and Digital


released November 15, 2011


all rights reserved



Has-Lo Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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