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Fiber Optics

from by Has-Lo

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Sub atomic or sub ether
I’m a sign of my time, align optics
Head up display in the cockpit help me to bomb quick
Down to poly and watch ya’ll trick, tear a club scene up
You seen us. Shine like a laminated flick in your visa
The pupil don’t rank to a teacher
Pull your handbrake, ease up
You fake, just an entertainer
Who don’t really be up in the street, what!
Descendant of an Asiatic Blackman or of Egypt
I absorb the light from your weak sun
And channel back through a disc
This is too big to pass up, too much to risk
In between a rock and a hard place
You sell your soul for a bill with a large face
With that said, is it life that the art imitates?
Chase wealth like a fishhook and shark bait
I wouldn’t beat you in the head with it
Screaming on rap like I was clue or k-slay mixes
Here’s another banger for you to pick up
So you wouldn’t have to hang with them fake niggas
I had a little sip so I can’t think right
If you opposed to my skin type
Then I’m assembling an army to roll and then strike
Control the mind, pimp like
It’s civil rights on the mic, fighting for equality
While you be content to just live your life
Within the hype and the media propaganda
Beyond the lights, the action, the camera
Between the hype man or the 1-2 throw your hands up
You really shackled in handcuffs
You wanna let go and fly…
But either the sky’s the limit or the limit’s the sky
You gotta take it up to a glass ceiling
The height of meditation, you feel bent
But you’re not though. It’s Has-Lo, I’m your guide
A rap M.R.I, a mental massage
I’m in it to rise and break free from the boundaries
And travel over the center divide
If men are derived of sand touched by the breath of life…
Then that breath becomes ours, descendant of god
And god becomes man and man will inherit the stars
Effect and the cause, allah
Fiber optics


from In Case I Don't Make It, released March 22, 2011
produced by Has-Lo


all rights reserved



Has-Lo Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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