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Untitled #1 (Hold On)

from by Has-Lo

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They say knowledge is power and love is wealth
And to get right for what you love you go through hell
I should’ve been in school way before now
My hunger made it hard for me to focus on anything else
If there’s somebody I could’ve atoned to for that
I’d apologize like, yo I’m sorry
My old earth hates the fact I be up in the crib
‘cause I couldn’t find a job while she works all week
Mad arguments up in the rest
Like, everything you ever owned in your life you got off me
What’s the point of livin like that?
I’m ‘noyed livin like that
‘cause if I get it like that I’d give right back
But since money talks, money makes me out to be a liar
If only we could battle I would tell you put your lines up
When you come around people’s face light up
You can’t buy happiness but you can take my love
You can’t learn out a book how you gotta push
And even though life is hard you get out what you put
A life lesson makes school seem obsolete
Cutting class runnin from N.T.A.s in a hall-sweep
I wasn’t prepared for life after that
And my pops never cared
My mom was the man
In between that I figured out the rest for myself
My nana said that I remind her of my uncle ‘Dreil
‘cause he was skinny like you when he was your age
Only difference is he had a fro and you got braids
She was hatin on the raps I played
Until she heard it was me and said it’s beautiful
I should’ve helped you with your high cholesterol before it gave you a stroke
But didn’t, the nursing home left you bedridden
They got a nerve comin after us for the bill
When you lost mad weight in your frame and your grill
In a few weeks I bet you would’ve starved to death
Paperthin like them get well cards from your guests
I guess god was like “Millie needs to take a rest”
The fam’ couldn’t see stayin home’s how I coped
I was brain sick, so I threw myself in the zone
And worked on some music, I made The Undisputed
It seemed each day you’d waste away a little
then you came back like Lamon vs. Vladimir Clitzko
my eyes x-ray the city
then I avoid all the trappings
I been around for each new change in slang and fashion
I’ve seen the one who follows a trend or trendsets
I’ve seen shorty thinking she grown ‘cause she got breasts
Spend her money on some herb when she get her little check
Them dudes risk it all for a pump and some head
Sportin summertime babies from wintertime sex
I believed in a system that failed me, and fell deep
Fool me once, shame on me
How could I believe anything them bloodsuckers teach us?
We all graduated but we never gon’ be shit
Meaning my diploma is meaningless
I need a way to breath again so I had to regroup
I copped the MP deuce and plugged it up
Cook up tapes like Wolfgang Puck


from In Case I Don't Make It, released March 22, 2011
produced by Has-Lo


all rights reserved



Has-Lo Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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